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We use three of the best machines in the business to ensure the most precise fold and cut possible every time.

New Tech Machinery SSQ Roof Panel Machine

The New Tech SSQ is referred to by many as the “most advanced, accurate multi-purpose profile panel former” used in roofing. Thanks to its mobile abilities we can produce premium quality panels at the job site for residential and commercial projects. We specialize in four profiles complete with the choice of three striation patterns, or no striations.

Roper Whitney 10M14 Mechanical Shears

With an inlaid bed scale the 10M14 cuts 35 strokes per minute with absolute precision on every cut. The blades are manufactured from high carbon, high chrome completed by a self-leveling hold down capable of neoprene insert, single, continuous and jog stroke cycles.

Roper Whitney AB1016 Hydraulic Autobreak

Our autobrake utilizes wing bending techniques using a CNC mechanical folder allowing us to build complete trim kits in-house quickly and efficiently. The variable speed drive used in the AB1016 utilizes rotating actuating members that make automated bends up to 145 degrees. Clamping pressure is insured despite the thickness of the metal thanks to clamp jaws using spring washers allowing variable pressures that are able to absorb any shock created at the stop.

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