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About Republic

Republic Metal Supply was born out of a need for a local metal roofing supplier that offered the highest quality product alongside great customer service and shorter lead times in the booming Austin market. Starting out with a roll form machine and manual hand brake Republic grew so significantly in the first year they were able to buy a lot and build their own shop. Now the company operates the most advanced roll machine on the market and an automatic shear CNC brake allowing them to produce and deliver the best roof kits in town.

Using the New Tech SSQ they are often able to produce whole roof kits directly at the job site cutting freight costs and reducing turnaround times significantly for their customers. They offer a range of metal roofing products for both residential and commercial uses with great warranties including Weathertight Verified Warranty required on some commercial projects. They can source their raw materials from 30 different suppliers known for quality products and excellent warranties allowing them to choose the right materials based on their clients’ needs and preferences for a specific job at the best possible price.

At the end of the day, Republic prides themselves most on, not only delivering a great product but, providing the outstanding customer service their customers have come to expect. "We work with roofers and builders in the Austin area to provide an exceptional product. We offer excellent customer service, a quicker turn around time and great warranties, which ultimately makes their clients happy," says owner, Johnny Butler. "We take pride in what we do and strive to do business with the highest level of integrity."

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